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Airport Rental Cars

Getting a taxi to take you to or drive you from the airport takes a lot of patience. So if you want a hassle-free transport to and from the airport, then you should probably consider using airport rental cars. Airport rental cars are transportation services that pick you up from or drop you off to an airport. If it is your first time to use airport rental cars, then you probably need some information on what to expect from the airport rental services offered by different agencies. Here are some of the things you need to know about airport rental cars:

* Airport rental cars are full-tanked

The airport rental cars supplied to you have a full tank of fuel. According to most agencies, you have to refill the fuel tank of the airport rental cars before you return them. If you fail to refuel the airport rental cars before returning them, then the agency has every right to charge you with a penalty fee.

* Installation of GPS is optional

The installation of a global positioning system (GPS) in airport car rentals is optional. Before closing the deals, your agents will first ask you whether you want to have a satellite navigation installed in your airport rental cars or not. Opting to have GPS installed in your airport rental cars requires you to pay an additional fee for the use of the equipment. Because GPS is not covered by most airport rental cars insurance policies, you will be charged with penalty fees if the equipment gets damaged or stolen while still under your responsibility.

* Hiring more chauffeurs is possible

Yes, it is possible to hire more than one chauffeur to drive your airport rental cars. Many agencies allow their customers to hire a maximum of two chauffeurs per airport rental car. Similar to other extra features, hiring more than one chauffeur will also cost you more money on additional fees.

* Airport rental cars are insured

Airport rental cars are also protected with insurance policies. The insurance policies of most airport rental cars cover standard collision damage and bodily injury liability. Although it increases your overall bill, the insurance policy tied to airport rental cars also ensures your safety and the vehicle's protection. If you have a personal car insurance, then you should contact your car insurance agent to determine whether it covers airport rental cars or not. A personal car insurance policy that covers airport rental cars, after all, just might help lower your bill.

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